A Note that is on one Client's screen can be copied to one or multiple other Clients in Chintaro. Using the 'Copy This Note' function will allow you to copy the details over to another Client/Tenant and will save you time in entering notes about the same thing to multiple Clients. 

You will first need to enter a Note on the Client/Tenancy screen by clicking 'Add Note', entering a Note Date, Note Type, Note Title and Note Body. Click 'Add' to add the Note:

NB: If you would like to change an existing Note, double click on the Note you want to copy to open. 

Open the Note you want to copy to other Client/Tenants.

Tick 'Copy this Note':

The right hand section of the Note appears with the full Client list. This is a multi select box, where you can select one or more Clients to copy the Note to. You can also filter this list by the filter box at the bottom to search for one particular Client:

Select the Clients you wish to copy the Note to, and click Copy to Selected Client(s). 

A message will appear to confirm the Note has been copied to the selected Clients.