Every Chintaro User is allocated one of nine roles (or groups) that determine the permissions they have (what screens they can or cannot see, what buttons they can or cannot click, what reports they can or cannot see, etc). You can see which group you belong to from the Home Screen:

These User Roles are determined by your Organisation. Click here to see how to set up User Roles.

Changing a User's Role

If you are the System Administrator and you wish to change the User Role a Chintaro user belongs to, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance> Security and you will see the User Maintenance Screen:

NOTE: As a default, the User Roles will be called 'Level 1' to 'System Administrator'. You can change the names of the User Roles by clicking 'User Roles Toolbars'.

Click on the User's name in the 'Select User' box, and you will see the User Role that they are assigned to in the User Roles box. 

If you wish to change the role, select the user's name, and click the desired role in the User Roles box.  The change will apply next time the user logs in.