If you are currently using Chintaro with an Access database, you can move your data to a SQL Server database. If you do so, you should understand the following:

  • Before you move to SQLx, you MUST ensure that you have a full version of MSAccess installed on each machine that will run Chintaro. Chintaro SQLx will not work with Access RuntimeNot for Profit organisations can apply for a significantly reduced cost version of Office that includes the full version of Access. Click here for more information.
  • Only the backend databases (rhmdat.mdb, rhmref.mdb and rhmaud.mdb) will be replaced by SQL database.
  • The version of Chintaro which contains none of your data(ChintaroSQLx.accdb file) will still be an Access database.
  • You will need to be running Microsoft SQL Server.  SQL Express (a free version from Microsoft is fine).
  • You will need MDB Consulting's help to convert the database, and there is a one-off cost to this of $1000 AUD + GST
  • Chintaro licence costs are the same for the Access and the SQL version.
  • There are minor differences between the functionality in the two versions.  MDB is actively working to ensure that all functionality will be included in both versions.
  • The 'Saved Views' for each user will be lost in the conversion. 

The process for converting your existing data to SQL will be something like this:

1) You will be provided with installation instructions for setting up a Chintaro SQL environment and given a database containing dummy data.  This ensures that everything is working correctly prior to data conversion.

2) You will provide us with your Access data files (rhmdat.mdb, rhmref.mdb, rhmaud.mdb and rhp.mdw) by an agreed time. This may be during the day or at COB (5:00pm) on an agreed day.

3) We will convert your databases from Access to SQL. You should allow up to a full working day for us to perform the conversion and provide you with a SQL backup file containing your converted data.

4) You will restore the backup we provide over the top of the existing SQL dummy data.

5) You update the INI file and link it for each user account.

6) You replace the existing Chintaro.mdb files with an alternative ChintaroSQLx.accdb.

Contact support@mdb.com.au if you wish to discuss the conversion, or ask any questions.