Setting Up Property Charges

1. Open the Property screen that includes Property Charges. From the Home Screen> Properties> Manage Properties> search for the Property that has charges> double click to open Property Screen. Click the Lease/Bond and Charges button at the top of the screen: 

2. Enter the Start Date of the Property Charges, leave the End Date blank, enter the Charge amount in the Charge column and select the Charge Frequency:

3. Enter the Charged To date on the left hand side of the screen as the same date as the Property Charges Start Date:


4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all Properties that have Property Charges. 

Generating Property Charges 

Once all of the applicable Properties have been set up to include Property Charges (steps 1-3), you will need to generate the Property Charges to show on your individual Properties Transactions ledger. 

5. From the Home Screen, click Finance> Property Transaction Functions> Generate Charges:


6. The Property Charge Generator screen will open:

The Properties in this screen will have data in both the Lease/Bond and Charges button on the Property Screen, and a Charged To date on the Property screen.

7. To generate the Property Charges, select the Properties you wish to include, by clicking Select All to select all Properties, or individually select which Properties you want to include by ticking the 'Include' box for each on the left hand side:


When you have selected the Properties to include, the number of Properties and the 'Total to be Charged' will appear at the top of the screen:


8. To generate the charges, click Generate Charges. A message will appear to state that the charges have been calculated successfully:


9. The Charged To date will now show either 7 or 14 days from the previous charged to date, depending on if you chose to charge the Properties Weekly or Fortnightly, or the same day of the next month, quarter or year if the Charge Frequency is Monthly, Quarterly or Annuallly.

This will create a batch of bulk transactions that have been added to the individual Property Transactions ledgers. 

Viewing Property Charges on an Individual Property

To view the Property Charges for an individual Property, go in to the Property Screen, and click Property Transactions:


The Property charge will appear with the date, and comments 'Property Charge from DATE to DATE' with a debit amount.

Viewing or exporting Property Charges Data 

To view and export the data regarding Property Charges for all Properties, from the Home Screen, click Finance> Manage Property Transactions. You are able to filter this screen to show only Property Charges, by clicking the black arrow in the Transaction Type column heading, and selecting only 'Property Charges':


The screen will be filtered to show each individual Property Charge for all Properties. You are then able to filter this screen by any column to see the data for a particular date range by filtering the Date column using a Date Filter, such as Last Month, Last Quarter, etc, an Owner by the Owner column, or any other column on this screen. See solution: Search Screens in Chintaro for functionality. 

To use the data outside of Chintaro, press the Print button to send the data to the printer, or Export to export the data to MS Excel. 

Reversing a Batch of Property Charges
At times, you may generate a batch of Property Charges but you need to reverse this batch to remove the Property Charge transactions from all Properties. Instead of going in to each Property and sending transactions to the Buffer Account, Chintaro has a function to remove a batch of Property Charges in bulk.

To delete a batch of Property Charge Transactions, from the Home Screen, click Finance, then Property Transaction Functions, and Property Charge Batch Maintenance. The Batch Maintenance screen will open:


As the warning on the screen states, this screen is delete all Property charges created in the batch.

To delete a batch, click to highlight the row you want to delete and press the Delete Batch button:


A warning will appear to state that 'This process will delete CHARGES records from the Property ledgers.' Click Yes to continue. The batch will be deleted and all charges on the Property ledgers will be removed.