This document is designed to give you an idea of some of the commonly used reports in Chintaro. All of the reports listed in this document are found in Reports and Exports> Reports.

Clicking on any report will show you a Report Overview:

And a report sample preview on the right hand side of the screen:


If you are having trouble finding a report with the information you require, please email with a description of the report you wish to produce and we’ll email you back with suggestions.

All Clients Currently Housed
Report shows all Clients (Primary Tenants and Related Tenants in the household) who are Currently Housed.
Client Notes by Date
Report that shows all notes relating to all Clients from dates specified. Ability to filter report by different Note Types in Select Criteria.
Accrual Method Charges Detail or Summary Reports
Varied content for accrual reports.
Bank Statement (Date Range)
A report in the form of a Bank Statement from a selected account, for a specified period of time.
End of Month Balances (As at Date)
Report grouping End of Month Credits and Debits by Property and Tenancy.
Transaction Summary (Crosstab)
Report showing summary of Transactions grouped by Property.
Transaction Type Summary & Transaction Type Summary including Bond
Report showing a summary of all Transaction Types grouped by Property, for a specific date range
Property and Income Expense Summary
*Only used if you are entering expenses against Properties* Report combines Income from Tenancies with Property Transactions.
Property Maintenance (Concise)
Report grouping all Maintenance Tasks by Property for a specified date range. Ability to filter report by different criteria including Program, Tradesperson, Urgency in Select Criteria.
Property Maintenance Breached Active
Concise report showing all breached Property Maintenance requests in a specified time frame. Ability to filter by different criteria including Program, Tradesperson, Urgency in Select Criteria.
Property Maintenance Summary (Active)
Summary Report showing number of Maintenance Tasks grouped Urgency category, sorted by Property.
Room Status – HPF (By Date)
*You must run the Occupancy Calculation before running this report*
The best report to run to show occupancy/vacancy rates. Report shows the status of Rooms (Occupied/Vacant Tenantable/Vacant Untenantable) in percentages by Property.
Vacant Rooms
Report showing all Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable Rooms as at today. Includes percentages and number of days Untenantable.
Bond Balances (Current Tenancies) by Property
Report groups Tenants by Properties, showing the bond total, balance and amount paid. 
Rent in Arrears (Concise)
Report that details Arrears balances for both Active and Vacated Tenancies. Ability to filter by different criteria including Arrears status, Program, Tenancy Manager and Property Manager.
Rent in Arrears (Concise) As at Date
Report that is designed to view all Tenancies (Active and Vacated) in Arrears at a specified Date.
Rent in Arrears (Rent Txns Only)
Report that shows all Tenancies in Rent Arrears Only. Ability to filter by different criteria including Property, Program, Tenancy Status, Tenancy Manager, etc.
Rent in Credit
Report showing Tenants (Active and Vacated) in Credit for both Rent and Non Rent. Ability to filter by credit amount in Select Criteria.
Rent Reviews and Exit Dates
Report showing last Rent Review Date and Next Rent Review Dates of Tenants within specified time frame. Includes Expected Exit Date field.
Tenancy Balances
Report showing Tenant’s Balances (Credit and Arrears) for both current and vacated Tenancies. Ability to filter by different criteria including Tenancy Status, Property Manager and Program.
Tenancy Inspections
Report showing all Tenants who have a ‘Next Inspection Date’ within the time frame specified.
Tenancy Transactions (By Program)
Report showing all Tenancy Transactions grouped by Program (Tenancy Type) and further grouped by Bank Account. Ability to filter report by criteria including 3 Transaction Types, Payment Book, Tenancy Status, Program and dates of transactions.
Waiting List
Report showing current Waiting List Clients. Ability to filter report by criteria including LGA, Suburb, Waiting List Type 1 and 2, Age, Transfers Only.