In Chintaro, Clients are grouped in to Households, consisting of one Primary Tenant and all other Clients are known as Related Tenants. Making someone a Primary Tenant in Chintaro does not give them any extra rights or responsibilities in Chintaro, it's just the way the system works. 

At times, someone will leave a Household, and you will want to record this in Chintaro. 

In this example, Eddie Vedder's wife Jillian has left the Household:

To indicate that a Related Tenant is no longer in the Household, click Clients in the Toolbar, and find the Client from the Search Screen. Double click their name to open their Client screen.

All Related Tenants will have the No box ticked for Primary Tenant:

You will need to click the Yes box to indicate that they are now their own Primary Tenant, and they are no longer related to the Primary Tenant listed:

The Primary Tenant's Client Record will now indicate that the Client is no longer part of the Household: