A household in Chintaro consists of one Primary Tenant, and one or more Related Tenants.  Examples of Related Tenants are children of Clients, partners of Clients, or any other person who will be living in the Household with the Client.

Even if your Tenancy Agreement has more than one person named on it, Chintaro still needs to be set up with one Primary Tenant. All other Tenants in that Household are then marked as Related Tenants. Allocating one Primary Tenant does not give any additional rights/responsibilities to the Primary Tenant.


 To set up a household in Chintaro, you will need to add an Individual Client Record for each Related Client. 

  • From the screen, click the  button.
  • Once you have entered the General Information about the Client, from the Title field to the Date of Birth field, tick the No box when asked: 
  • A pop up box will appear asking you to select the Primary Tenant. Select the Primary Tenant, and click  to save.

  • The Primary Tenant box will now display the Client you selected. You can now select the  and indicate if the Related Client is a
  • The Related Client will now appear on the Primary Tenant’s Client Record, and vice-versa.  


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