Alerts are designed to highlight other Chintaro users about potential risks associated with a Client. Alerts are like Tags (See Solution: Client Tags- NZ), but they are more about danger. 

To add an Alert to a Client screen, from the Home Screen> Clients> Manage Clients> double click on the row of the Client you want to add tags to, then click  on the right hand side of the screen.
The Alerts pop up will appear, with a list of 
Available Alerts on the left, and Selected Alerts on the right. Available Alerts are Alerts that you can select to characterise your Client, and the Selected Alerts are the Alerts that have been applied to the Client’s record.




To add an Alert to a Client record, click on the Alert you want to add from the Available Tags column, and press the  button. The Alert will move from the Available Alerts column, to the Selected Alerts column.

To remove an Alert from the Client’s record, click on the Alert you wish to remove from the Selected Alerts column, and click the  button. The Alert will now show in the Available Alerts column, and will not show on the Client record.


When you are finished, press ex to save the changes you have made. Your Alerts will now appear in the Alerts box on the Client and Tenancy records in red, to catch the eye of the Chintaro user. 


An Alert warning will also appear in red underneath the Client’s name on the Client and Tenancy Records.