If you want to see which Tenants didn't make a Rent Payment in a specific time period (Last Week, Last Fortnight, Last Month, etc.) there is an export available that will show you information such as the Tenants Date of Last Payment, Amount of Last Payment and overall Balance.

From the Home Screen, go to Reports and Exports> Exports> Tenancies> Tenancy Harrison:

Click Open in Excel Now. There are a number of ways that you can sort or filter this export. To view the Last Payment Date by Oldest to Newest, go to the Data tab, and turn on Filters:


On the Date Of Last Payment column, sort by 'Oldest to Newest'. Alternatively, to view payments made in a specific time period, filter the Date of Last Payment to the time period you're looking for (EG This Week, Last Week, Last Month) by using Date Filters.