The Property Transaction Bulk Add screen is used if you want to bulk charge Properties for the same transaction. This screen is only used when the transactions are the same, for the same amounts.


To access the Property Transaction Bulk Add screen, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Property Transaction Functions and then click Property Transaction Bulk Add.


The Property Transaction Bulk Add screen will open:




Sort or filter this screen to view data by Property Name, Property Manager, Program, etc. (See Solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro).


Click  to select all Properties, to deselect all Properties, and  to return to the screen default view.


Click  to enter the details of the transaction that you will charge all selected Properties for:




Chintaro will advise you that the transactions have been added to the Property Transaction ledger for each Property:

The transactions will now show on the individual Property Transactions ledgers for the selected Properties:


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