The CCes Export XML Incomes function is used to create a Centrelink Request file which must then be uploaded to the Centrelink Confirmation eService.  

Creating the file to export from Chintaro 

To create the CCeS XML Export File, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Centrelink Functions and then click CCeS – Export XML Incomes.

The Centrelink XML Export screen will open:

This screen will display Clients who:

1.  Are currently Tenanted in Chintaro

2.  Have a CRN entered in the Income Section of the Client Record

3.  Have a Date of Birth entered in the General Section of the Client Record

4.  Have the Centrelink Income Authority box ticked on the Client Record, indicating that you have the Client’s permission to use the service


Click to Include all Clients, or individually tick the  box for those Clients you want to include in the Export.


Enter your CCeS User Id, CCeS Agency ID & Agency CRN


Select an Output Folder where the file will be saved when created



Chintaro will advise you the file has been created successfully:

Uploading the file to the CCeS for Business Website

You will need to upload the file to the CCeS for Business website (Batch Enquiry). 

The steps listed on the website are shown below:

The website asks that the file be zipped. Right click on the file> Select Send to > Select Compressed (zipped) folder. 

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