From the Home Screen, click Property Maintenance> Inspections> Schedule Inspections. The following screen will appear:


This screen is designed to schedule inspections for Rooms in bulk. You may not know the dates that you will be inspecting some Properties/Rooms, and if this is the case, leave these Properties/Rooms without a Next Inspection Date until you do know the date you will be inspecting the Room.


For the Rooms that you do know the date that you will be inspecting, double click on the row of the Room to open the Room Details pop up box. Enter the Next Inspection field and change the Inspection Type field if required.


Click Update. The Next Inspection and the Day of Week fields will be populated. (You can change the Next Inspection Date by typing over the date and pressing <TAB> if you have entered the wrong date).



Select a time you will be inspecting each Room (that has an allocated date) from the drop down list in the time column, if known. Inspection times can be added at a later date if you are scheduling Inspection dates only.


Repeat the above steps for all of the Rooms that you want to schedule the inspections for.

Exit the screen to save the data entered. 


Although there is a considerable amount of work in setting up the Scheduled Inspections for Rooms, this process will only have to be done once. Chintaro will automatically update the Next Inspection and Last Inspection fields, and once you set up, you will only have to select a time for the next Inspection to take place.


When you have allocated a date and time for inspecting Rooms, select the Rooms you want to schedule the inspection for by filtering the screen to the Rooms you want to inspect, and click Select All. The inspections that you want to include in the file will have the

box ticked. 


Click . Processing the Schedule will do 2 things- it will create Scheduled Inspections for the Properties you selected in Chintaro (and automatically change the Next Inspection Date), and it will also create a file that you will upload to the PIM website. 


 The Scheduled Inspections will now appear in the Control Panel on the Home Screen.


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