The System Maintenance> Control Panel function is where your Chintaro System Administrator can specify which Menus, Sub-menus and screens that User Roles can access.

To specify which Menus, Sub-Menus and screens User Roles can access, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, then click Security, and click the Control Panel tab:

The Text Column is the screen name, and the numbered columns correspond with the User Roles in the User Maintenance Tab. Level 1 is 1, Level 2 is 2, Level 3 is 3, and so on, up to Level 9 - System Administrator:

To disable a menu option from the Main Menu

To disable a menu option from the Main Menu for User Roles,untick the box in the column that correlates with the User Role number (see Solution: User Roles Toolbars for Group Names) from the following list:

NOTE: Do not disable the Home, Support, Training or Quit to Windows functions for any users.

In the above example, the User Role 1 will not be able to see any Property, Property Maintenance, Finance, Report or Audit Menu Items, meaning they cannot access these screens:


Which will appear as greyed out follows:

Whereas Levels 6-9 can see all Menu Items in the system:

To disable a screen within a Menu

If you want to allow users to see some screens in the Menu Item, but not all, you are able to disable certain screens by using the same method of finding the screen name in the 'Text' column, and unticking the box in the column that correlates with the User Role number. 

For example, if we want to restrict access to all of the Finance> Bank Functions screens for Levels 1-4 we untick all of the boxes, but we will allow levels 5 and 6 to see the View Bank Account screens, so we leave their boxes ticked and untick all those we do not want them to have access to: 

The individual screens will appear greyed out (as above). 

If you would like assistance in setting up the Control Panel function in System Maintenance, please contact

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