Downloading the template and Updating the System

Attached to this Solution is the SA Summary Maintenance Template. You will need to download this template and save it in your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder on your network.

You will also need to update your version of Chintaro to the latest version. Click here to see how to update to the latest version of Chintaro. 


 Running the Summary Maintenance Plan

To run the CPG Debenture Register Update Summary Maintenance Plan, from the Reports & Exports Sub-Menu, click SA Reports, and CPG Summary Maintenance Plan


The CPG Debenture Register Update Summary Maintenance Plan screen will open:

Enter the 
Start Date of the reporting period

Enter the End Date of the reporting period

Select an Output Folder that the file will be saved to by clicking the ellipsis button


Select an Output File Name

Select the Program(s) that you want to report on from the Report Program Filter box.


If you do not select any Programs in the Report Program Filter box, Chintaro will assume you want to 

report on all Programs listed.


The CPG Debenture Register Update Summary Maintenance Plan will be saved in the Output Folder you selected, as a .XLS file

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