The THM Report (also known as the Transitional Housing Management Report, or the RRR Rent and Rebate Report) can be run from Chintaro and submitted to the Department.

Before you run the THM Report 

Before you run the THM Report, you must run the Occupancy Calculation for the period you want to report on. The report will not work if you do not do this as this function created the necessary calculations required to produce the data in the report.

To run the Occupancy Calculation, from the Home Screen, go in to Reports and Exports > Occupancy Calculation.

Enter the Calculation Start Date as the first day of the period you wish to report on, and the Calculation End Date as the final day of the period that you wish to report on:

Click Calculate

Chintaro will calculate the necessary data, the status of which will be shown in the Processing Status section. When complete a message will appear as follows:

Running the THM Report

After running the Occupancy Calculation, you can run the THM Report.

From the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports >  Vic Reports Sub-Menu, then click THM Report and the THM Report screen will open:


To tell Chintaro what data to populate in the report, you need to select the calculation dates you wish to report on in the Occupancy Calculation on the left hand side of the screen, in this section:

After selecting the period by clicking once on the calculation dates, the Selected Report Date, Start Date and Selected End Date will be populated in the right hand side of the screen. 

IMPORTANT: These dates won't change - if you need to run the report for a period that isn't in the list on the left, you need to go back to the Occupancy Calculation and run the period you wish to report on to include it in the Existing Calculations list. 

Next you need to select the Output Folder you would like to save the report to, and change the Output Filename if needed.

Select the Programs you wish to report on by single clicking them to highlight them in the Report Program Filter box. This is a multi select box, where more than 1 Program can be selected to be included in the report. Hold down the <CTRL> key when you wish to select multiple Programs, for example:

Once you have selected the Programs to include, click the Create Report button.

The THM Report will appear in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, where you will see the information from Chintaro auto-populating each line in the report. 

For support with the THM Report

For further support with the THM Report, please contact