Attached to this Solution is the HPF Reporting Template. In order to run the HPF report, you will need to ensure that you have the reporting template (attached) in your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. When the HPF calculation takes place, it removes all records prior to the online date as the property, for reporting purposes, didn't exist before that date. In addition, it only includes Rooms that are Active.

To access the Housing Provider Framework (HPF) Report, from the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports, then Vic Reports, and HPF Reporting.

The Housing Provider Framework screen will open:


To open a previous report, double click on an existing calculation (on the left hand side) to view the details of the calculation. 

To create a new report, click  

A pop up box will open, advising you that the system has set up a new report with default dates. These dates can be overwritten. Click OK to continue.


Enter the Statement Report Date (defaults to today’s date)


Enter the Statement Start Date and the Statement End Date

Select an Output Folder that the file will be saved to by clicking the ellipsis button


Select an Output File Name

Select the Program(s) that you want to report on from the Report Program Filter box.


NOTE: If you do not select any Programs in the Report Program Filter box, Chintaro will assume you want to report on all Programs listed.


Click . The status of the calculation will update in the field

A pop up box will appear to advise the calculation is complete. Click OK. The status will show Calculation Complete



The HPF Report will be created in the Output Folder you selected. 

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