When you create a Work Order or Quote, a Word Document is created from Chintaro, that is based on a Microsoft Word Template that is located in your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder. 

Use this solution if you would like to customise or edit your Work Order or Quote template.

1. Locate the Chintaro/Data/Templates folder on your Network Drive EG: S:\Chintaro\Data\Templates

2. Ensure file extensions are turned on, by removing the setting to hide the file extensions. Click View (Tab), Options, View (Tab), and unticking the box for. Click OK. File extensions will be visible for all files. 

This is important because it will show you the file types and Templates will show as .dot or .dotx files. 

3. In the Chintaro\Data\Templates folder, look for the Work Order Template, which is called TradeEmail.dot

4. To edit the Template, right click the file and select ‘Open’. IMPORTANT: Do not double click on the Template, as it will open as a Word Document and not a Template. TO edit a Template, you might right click on the file and select Open. 

5. A pop up box will open, advising ‘Opening this document will run the following Sequel Command’. Click Yes to this message. Clicking Yes will retain the link to the data file and the mailings toolbar in Microsoft Word. The data file is the information that comes out of Chintaro when the Maintenance Task is created.

6. Edit the document to include your Organisations logo, increase or reduce the font size, change wording, etc. The fields in the document that have the <<  >> brackets around them are Merge Fields that bring information out of Chintaro and populate in the template.
To insert Merge Fields, click the cursor to be where you want the field entered in the Template, and then click the Mailings Tab, and click Insert Merge Field:

If the Mailings Tab is greyed out, you will need to link the Template to the Maint.txt file. This file is the source of the information that comes from Chintaro. To link the file, click Select Recipients, Use an Exiting List and find the Chintaro/Data/Templates folder. Select the Maint.txt file and click Open. 
Select the field(s) you want to include in the Template and edit the template as required. If you want to view the changed you've made, in the Mailings tab, select Preview Results:

7. Save the template before closing. 

Follow the same process to edit the Work Order Quote Template (TradeEmailQuote.dot).