The Rent Review by Room Type function of Chintaro is used to apply Rent Reviews to Rooms in bulk, from a specific date. To access the Rent Review by Room Type screen, from the Tenancies Sub-Menu, click Rent Review by Room Type.

The Rent Review by Room Type screen will open:

Enter the New Weekly Rent and any other applicable charges (EG New Weekly Non-Rent, New Weekly Management Fee, New Weekly Service Fee, New Weekly Utilities Fee)
Enter the New Weekly Maximum Rent amount

Enter the New Start Date as the first day the Room will be charged the New Rent amount. 

Select the Room(s) you want to apply the Rent Review for by clicking the Include box. Only those Rooms with the Include box ticked will have the Rent Review applied to their Rent Record. 

Click  to select all Rooms,  to deselect all Rooms, or select Rooms individually by ticking the Include box. 

Clicking  will go back to the default view.
Click  to apply the Rent Review for the selected Rooms. Only those Rooms who have the Include box ticked and an effective date will have the Rent Review applied.

A pop up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to update the selected room rents. Click yes to confirm. 

The Rent Review (containing new Rent and other charges) will be applied to the selected Rooms.