Chintaro enables you to print Client Statements, Rent Statements and Non-Rent Statements to your Tenants in bulk.

To print Statements to Tenants in bulk, click Print Bulk Statements from the Tenancy Sub-Menu

The Bulk Statements Screen will open:

Select the Type of Statement you want to print from the Statement Type options:

Client statement will print ALL transactions on the Statement - both Rent and Non Rent; 
Rent statement will print only rent transactions; 
Non Rent statement will print only non-rent transactions.

Enter any Optional Statement Text if you would like text to be printed at the end of the Statement that will appear highlighted in yellow. For example:


Note: To save time in entering common Statement Text, default Statement text can be modified by your System Administrator via System Maintenance>Reference Tables> Statement Text.
Select the Optional Note Type as Statement. If you enter Optional Note Text, this text will default in the Note Text. A Note will also be created in the Notes section of the Tenancy Record.
Enter the Statement Start Date that the Statement will be printed from, and the Statement End Date. The start and end dates you enter will print the statement inclusive of the start and end dates.
Select the Sort Order for which the Statements will be Printed. This is useful if you are sending a large number of statements to Tenants and you want them printed in a certain way (EG by Property name) for mailing purposes.
Select the Duplex Printing option (Single or Double Sided).

Use the sorting or filtering techniques to filter the columns on the screen to display Tenants you want to print the Statements for (EG Tenancy Status column, Property, etc.). 

Click Select All to include all Tenants, Select None to deselect all Tenants, or select Tenants individually by ticking the Include box. Clicking Show All will go back to the default view.

Click Non Email Tenants Only if you wish to print the Statements for those Tenants who do not have a valid Email address in Chintaro (see Bulk Email Statements for how to Email Statements to Tenants).

Click Print to send the selected Tenant's Statements to your default printer.