NOTE: Before you use the Bulk Email Statements screen, you must ensure that you have installed the MDB Consulting PDF Writer. Instructions on how to do this are here.

To send bulk Emails to Tenants, from the Home Screen, click Tenancies, then click the Tenancy Email function. The Bulk Email Statement screen will open:

Select the type of Statement you want to Print from the Mandatory Statement Type options:
  • A Client Statement will print a statement showing all transactions (Rent and Non Rent), 
  • A Rent Statement will print a statement showing only Rent Charges and Payments 
  • A Non Rent Statement will print a statement showing all Non Rent Charges and Payments (everything in the Tenancy Transactions ledger that is not Rent)
  • A NSW Statement will print a statement for New South Wales' Chintaro users only

You are able to enter Optional Statement Text if you would like text to be printed at the end of the Statement that will appear highlighted in yellow. To save time in entering common Statement Texts, default Statement text can be added by your System Administrator, via System Maintenance>Reference Tables> Statement Text.

Select the Optional Note Type as 'Statement'. If you enter Optional Statement Text, this text will default in the Note Text section, and a Note will be created in the Notes section of the Tenancy Record.

Enter an Optional Statement Start Date and an Optional Statement End Date if you want to print the statement for a period of time (EG Calendar Year, Last Financial Year, etc.). If you leave these fields blank, you will print all of the Transactions that belong to this particular Transaction Group from Tenancy Transactions ledger from the beginning of the Tenancy. 

Select any Optional Attachments you want to send by clicking the  button(s). You can add up to 4 attachments to the Email.

Filter the screen to the Tenants you would like to email. Once you have a filtered list, or want to contact all Tenants, click the  button. 

Alternatively, individually select the Tenants you want to contact. Click the  box to untick all Tenants in the Include box. 

When you are ready to send the Email to the selected Tenants, click the  button. 

The Email you send will go out through your desktop Email system and all responses will go to your desktop Email system. 

Clicking the  button will take you back to the screen’s default view.