To access the Reports screen, from the Reports and Exports Sub-Menu, click Reports

The Reports screen will open, showing 5 Report categories:

Select a Report Category and the Select Reports list appears:

Click on the Report that you want to view. This will open a Report Overview, User Overview and an image of the report:


The Report Overview is a snapshot of what the report contains. The User Overview is designed for you to enter information about the report that is useful to your organisation (EG Use for End of Month Reports).  The image on the right is a sample report with “dummy” data to give you an example of the layout of the report before you Print/Preview the report with your data.
If you do not want the Report Image to appear when you click on the Report, set the preference to No via System Maintenance> Preferences> System> Report Sample Preview.   

Depending on the Report you select, various Report Criteria may appear in the bottom section of the screen. Generally, the list(s) on the left will contain values such as Note Type, Manager, Owner, Program, etc. The list(s) on the right will generally contain date fields.

If you leave a field in the Report Criteria blank, Chintaro will assume that you want to view all records on the report. If you select a value, Chintaro assumes you only want to see the records for the selected value in that field. To select a value for the fields on the left, drop the list down and select the appropriate value.
The Start Date and End Date on the right are inclusive, allowing you to create a report for any date range (inclusive of one day).  
Once you have selected the report and entered Report Criteria (if applicable), select either Print Preview to preview the report before printing, or Print to send the report straight to the printer.
It is always advisable to run the report in Preview mode before printing, to ensure the report criteria is correct.
If you are having trouble finding any reports, please contact Chintaro Support ( so we can assist you to find the report you are looking for.

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