The SACAT Statement is used by South Australian Chintaro users to print and provide the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal with evidence of a Tenant's rent arrears. This style of statement is different to all other Chintaro statements, and  is the only acceptable format for SACAT.   

To print an individual SACAT Statement 
To print an SACAT Statement, from the Home Screen, click Tenancies, then Manage Tenancies and double click on the Tenant you want to print the Statement for and the Tenancy screen will open. 

Click Print Statement from the screen functions (blue buttons) and select SACAT from the Mandatory Statement Type field.
The SACAT Statement does not allow you to enter an optional statement start or end date as it requires the entire rental history printed. 

You are able to enter Optional Statement Text if you would like text to be printed at the end of the Statement that will appear highlighted in yellow. To save time in entering common Statement Texts, default Statement text can be added by your System Administrator, via System Maintenance>Reference Tables> Statement Text.

Select the Optional Note Type as 'Statement'. If you enter Optional Statement Text, this text will default in the Note Text section, and a Note will be created in the Notes section of the Tenancy Record.

Click Continue to view the preview of the Statement:


The SACAT Statement will show in landscape format, and will only show Rent Payments (no charges). 

Click Print to send the statement to the printer, or Close Print Preview to return to the Tenancy screen.