A Client Statement in Chintaro is a statement that will show all transactions (both rent and other charges) from the Tenancy Transactions ledger. 

To print a statement, from the Tenancy Record, click the Print Statement button. For more information about this pop up, please view How to Print an Individual Tenant's Statement

Ensure the box is checked, then click Continue.

This Statement appears as a bank statement, with the oldest transaction at the top and the most recent transaction at the bottom.

The Statement includes:

  • Details of your Organisation in the header of the Statement.

  • ‘Client Statement’ appears underneath your Organisation’s name

  • Tenant’s Name/s & Address

  • Payment Book ID if applicable

  • Tenancy Start Date

  • Tenancy End Date if this is a Vacated Tenancy. This will be blank if this is an Active Tenancy.

  • Currently Weekly Rent amount

  • Rent Calculated To date

  • Rent Paid To date

  • Balance As At Today which is the dollar amount the Tenant/s are paid to as at today

  • Opening Balance of the Tenancy

  • Final Balance

The body of the Statement will show all of the charges and payments (rent and non-rent) in the Tenancy Transactions ledger.

NOTE: Client Statements can be printed in bulk for multiple Tenants. Click on the hyperlink to view: Printing Statements for Tenants in Bulk