There will be times that Rent has been generated in to the future for a Tenant, but you need to reverse the Rent back to the last day that the Tenant paid Rent for the Property. An example of this would be when a Tenant vacates the Property in the middle of a period where rent has been charged (EG Rent charged from 04/01/2017 to 17/01/2017 but the Tenant leaves the Property on 13/01/2017). This method will reverse Rent and any other charges for the Tenancy also (EG Utilities Charge).

To reverse the Rent back to the last day the Tenant paid Rent, go to the Tenancy Screen of the Tenant, and click Generate Rent in the blue buttons at the top of the screen. 

The Generate Rent box will appear. The Rent Calculated To date will show the date 14 days in the future (this may show 7 days if your Organisation generates Rent on a weekly basis):

Delete the date in the Calculate Rent To field by highlighting and pressing <DELETE> on your keyboard, and then enter the last date that the Tenant paid rent for the Room in the Calculate Rent To field (in this example, 13/01/2017). When you press <TAB>, you will see the number next to Days Rent become a minus number (in this example, Chintaro will take off 4 days of Rent generated to bring the Rent Calculated to, to 13/01/2017):  

Click Generate. Chintaro will recalculate the number of days charged for the period, and the Rent will now be reversed back to the last day the Tenant paid rent.