When you create a Tenancy or Vacate a Tenancy, you may want to generate less than 14 days rent for a Tenant. At the beginning of the Tenancy, this may occur when you want to align the Tenant’s rent cycle to their Centrepay/WINZ payment date. When Vacating a Tenant, you also may want to generate less than 14 days rent to only charge them to the date they vacated.

Generating less than 14 days of rent for 1 Tenant

To generate the rent for 14 days for 1 Tenant, open their Tenancy screen (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > Double click Tenants name).

From the Tenancy Record, click the Generate Rent  box in the blue buttons at the top of the record. The Generate Rent pop up will open:

Remove the date in the 
Calculate Rent To field, and replace it with the date that you want to generate rent to (EG Day before Centrepay/WINZ Payment date, last date of Tenancy, date of the specific day of the week, etc.).

Click <TAB> or <ENTER> on your keyboard, and the Days Rent will update to show the number of days the rent will be generated for EG: 4
Click Generate. Chintaro will calculate what the daily rent amount is, by diving the weekly rent amount by seven, and then multiplying the daily rent amount by the number of days that you want to generate the rent for. A new transaction will appear in the Tenancy Transactions ledger to reflect the amount of rent charged.

If you are aligning rent charges with WINZ/Centrepay payment dates, the next time you generate rent, the rent cycle will begin on the same day the payment is expected.