If your Tenants are charged for water when the bill comes, you are able to enter water charges in a separate transaction in the Tenancy Transactions ledger. You will first need to ensure that you have a preference set in Chintaro that will allow you to enter the water charge, then enter the charge in to the Tenant's ledger. 

Check System Preference is set to allow Water Charges

First, check that you have the System Preference set to allow Water Charges to be entered, by going to System Maintenance> Preferences> Finance> Water Charge Txn Type: 

Select Water Charge from this drop down list: 

Enter the Water Charge in the Tenancy Record

Go to the Tenancy Screen of the Tenant you want to record a water charge.

To enter a Water Charge, click the 
 button in the Tenancy Transactions ledger section of the screen. Enter the information from the water bill in the Water Charge pop up: 

Click 'Add' to add the charge to the Tenancy Transactions ledger.
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