If your Tenants are charged for water when the bill comes, you are able to enter water charges in a separate transaction in the Tenancy Transactions ledger. You will first need to ensure that you have a preference set in Chintaro that will allow you to enter the water charge, then enter the charge manually in to the Tenant's ledger. 

Entering a Water Charge in the Tenancy Record

To enter a water charge to a Tenancy, open the Tenancy screen (Home Screen > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > double click on the Tenant's name who you want to enter the charge for).

Click the Enter Water Charge button in the Tenancy Transactions ledger section of the screen:

The Enter Water Charge pop up appears, where you can enter the details of the water bill:

Once you've finished entering the data, click Add to add the charge to the Tenancy Transactions ledger:

The total transaction group balance of Water will also be updated, in the balances section at the top of the screen.

Printing a Water Charge Invoice for a Tenant

To print the invoice for the charge, open the transaction by double clicking anywhere along the row and the Water Charge pop up appears:

Click Print to print the Invoice. MS Word will open where you will see the merged fields from the water charge:

Use MS Word to send the invoice to your printer.

If you don't see the Enter Water Charge button on the Tenancy screen
Before you can enter a water charge, check that you have the System Preference set to allow Water Charges to be entered, by going to System Maintenance> Preferences> Finance> Water Charge Txn Type: 

If nothing is selected in this field, select Water Charge from this drop down list. Close this screen, go to any Tenancy and the Enter Water Charge button will appear.