You have the ability to filter the Tenancy Transactions ledger by transaction type to isolate combinations of transactions (EG Rent Charges & Rent Payments) to view the balance of the Tenant quickly. 

From the Tenancy Screen, if you want to see the balance one or multiple transaction types in isolation to others, filter the Tenancy Transactions by transaction type by clicking the black arrow in the Txn Type column.

Select the transaction type(s) you want to filter by. Untick the Select All box, and manually tick the boxes of the transactions you want to filter. You could also use Text Filters (such as Contains and entering Rent) for filtering transaction types.  

Once selected, click OK. The Tenancy Transactions ledger will be filtered to the transaction type that you selected.

To remove the filter on the transaction type field, click the black funnel icon in the column heading, and select

You are able to filter the Tenancy Transactions by any of the columns (EG filter the Rent? column to show either Rent or Non-Rent transactions), or by the Date column to view transactions within a certain date range.