Once a Tenant has been charged for a transaction, you are able to print an invoice for the charge to the Tenant.

Printing an invoice from an individual Transaction
To print an individual invoice for a transaction, you need to first open the Tenancy screen (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > double click the row of the Tenant you want to print the invoice for). In the Tenancy Transactions ledger (in the middle of the Tenancy Screen), double click on the transaction you want to print a invoice for which opens the Transaction Details pop up, and click the Print Invoice button. 

A Microsoft Word merge document will open with the details of the invoice, where you can select Print to send the document to the Printer:

NOTE: Invoice Templates can be modified to suit your Organisation. The invoice template is found in your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder. Instructions on how to edit templates is found here: Setting Up Word Merges

Tenancy Transactions Ledger eLearning Video