After a Tenant has made a payment to your Organisation and you have entered a transaction in to the Tenancy Transactions ledger, you are able to print a receipt of that payment for the Tenant. 

Printing a receipt from an individual Transaction
To print an individual receipt for a transaction, you need to first open the Tenancy screen (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > double click the row of the Tenant you want to print the receipt for).

In the Tenancy Transactions ledger (in the middle of the Tenancy Screen), double click on the transaction you want to print a receipt for, and click the button. A Microsoft Word Merge document will open with the details of the receipt.:


NOTE: The receipt template can be changed easily by going to your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder and editing the template. Click here to see the Solution for Setting Up Word Merges

Printing several receipts for various Transactions

Chintaro has a screen that enables you to print multiple receipts in bulk for your Tenants. Click here to see the solution for printing receipts in bulk.

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