Payment transactions from Tenants are usually automatically processed by importing Centrepay or Bank Statement files, and Rent and Non Rent Charges are usually created by generating rent in bulk, however, there will be times that you will want to add a transaction manually to the ledger. Examples of this would be if you need to make a manual adjustment, entering cash payments o charging damages t a Tenant. 

Entering a Transaction Manually

To manually enter a transaction to a Tenancy record, from the Home Screen, click Tenancies, then Manage Tenancies, double click on the Tenant you want to add the transaction to, then in the middle of the screen in the Tenancy Transactions section, click the  box. 

The Enter Transaction pop up appears:

Transaction Type: Select the Transaction Type you'd like to add from the drop down list. This could be a charge or a payment, and Transaction Types can be customised by your System Administrator (System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Transaction Type).

Date: Defaults to today’s date, however, this date can and should be changed to the correct date of the transaction.

Amount: Enter the dollar figure of the transaction.

Comments: Enter any comments regarding the transaction in the Comments field. Comments are important as they'll show on the Tenant's statement.

Click 'Add' to add the transaction to the ledger, and the transaction will now appear at the top of the Tenancy Transactions ledger:

Viewing the details of a Transaction

To view the details of a transaction, double click on the transaction. The Transaction details pop up will open:

 Once a transaction is added to the Tenancy Transactions ledger, the Transaction type, Date and Amount of the Transaction cannot be changed. However, the Comments of the transaction can be changed at any time.

Tenancy Transactions Ledger eLearning Video