To access to the Tenancies Menu, click on the Tenancies button in the Main Menu on the Home Screen.

Clicking Manage Tenancies will open the Tenancies Search Screen (See Solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro). The Tenancies Search Screen will default to show all Active Tenants (people who are currently Tenanted within your Properties):


NOTE: The Tenancies Search Screen can also be accessed via the Tenancies Menu > Manage Tenancies (as above), or by clicking the  quick link in the Toolbar.

A Client may have multiple Tenancies during their time with your Organisation. Each time a Client leaves one Property and moves to another Property, or transfers from one Room to another, the current Tenancy record will be vacated, and a new Tenancy Record will be created.

If you want to view all Active and Vacated Tenancies, click the Show All + Vacated button at the top of the screen. 

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