Chintaro enables you to communicate with Waiting List Clients via bulk Email. 

 To send bulk Emails to Clients on the Waiting List, click the Wait List option in the Main Menu, then click Wait List Email. The Wait List Email screen will open.

Select any attachments you want to send, by clicking the  buttons. You can add up to 4 attachments to the Email.

Type the subject of the email in the Subject field, and the contents of the Email in the Message field.
Hold down <CRTL> + K for a new line in the message field.

Tick the  box if you would like a Note recorded on each Client’s record that the Email was sent.

Filter the list of Clients you want to contact (by Waiting List Type, Household Type, Program, Preferences, etc.)
Once you have a filtered list, or want to contact all Clients, click the  button. Alternatively, individually select the Clients you want to contact by ticking the Include box. Click the  box to untick all Client in the Include box. (Clicking the  button will take you back to the screen’s default view).

When you are ready to send the Email, click the  button. 

The Email you send will go out through your desktop Email system and all replies will be sent to your desktop Email system.

NOTE: You may get a message asking you’re your approval to be sent. If so, your IT Department may be able to assist you to remove this warning.