Chintaro has a screen that allows you to delete Inventory Items that have been created in error or are no longer required to be recorded against a property. You can only delete Inventory Items that have no associated maintenance tasks - either active or inactive/open or closed). 

Deleting an Inventory Item

From the Home Screen, click Properties, then click Manage Inventory Items and the Manage Inventory Items screen will open.
To delete one or multiple Inventory Items, filter the screen to the items you want to delete by Property Name, Item Name or any other column (click here to see how to filter columns on a Chintaro Search Screen).

Once the screen has been filtered, tick the Include box (or boxes) on the left hand side of the screen for the item(s) you would like to delete:

Click the Delete Item box at the top of the screen:
A pop up box will appear to advise that this process will delete selected Inventory Items that have no associated maintenance tasks. Click yes to continue:
 The selected Inventory Item(s) will be deleted.