Property Transactions that are not 'Accumulated Rent' can be transferred to either another Property or to the Buffer Account if they are created in error.  Property Transactions that are accumulated rent transactions cannot be transferred as they are system generated transactions.

Transferring a transaction to another property

If a transaction has been created against the wrong property, you can transfer it to another property by opening the Property screen and clicking Property Transactions. To transfer a non-rent Property transaction, double click on the transaction you want to transfer and tick the  box.

Next, select the property you would like to transfer the transaction to in the box so it is highlighted black:

To transfer this transaction, click the  button and A message will appear to state the transactions has been transferred:

If you are transferring the transaction to the Buffer Account
 If you have entered a transaction incorrectly to a property, you will want to remove it by sending it to the buffer account. To remove the transaction from the Property Transactions ledger, open the transaction you want to remove by double clicking and click tick the Transfer this Transaction box.

Then, click the Transfer to Buffer Account box and a pop-up box will appear to confirm you want to transfer the transaction to the Buffer Account. Click Yes to transfer the transaction.


Clicking Yes will transfer the transaction to the Buffer Account and for all intents and purposes, the transaction is now gone.

NOTE: Your Chintaro System Administrator will be able to see all property transactions that have been sent to the buffer account in the System Audit.

Property Transactions Ledger eLearning Video