This solution details how to print or export an individual property transactions ledger. To access the property transactions ledger, you will need to open the Manage Properties screen by clicking Property in the Toolbar, and open the property you are after by double clicking anywhere along the row to open, and click Property Transactions.

Printing or exporting the individual property ledger

You are able to print the Property Transactions ledger by clicking the  button, and enter an optional ledger start date from the pop up that appears: 

If you want to print the entire ledger, leave this field blank and click Continue:

The ledger will appear where the transactions will appear like a bank statement, with the oldest transaction at the top and the most recent at the bottom.

From this screen, you can use the functions at the top of the screen to print the ledger, create a PDF, Email the Statement or export to Excel:

Click Close Print Preview to close the window and return to the property screen.

You are able to export the Property Transactions ledger by clicking the Export Transactions button. Chintaro will export straight to MSExcel and you can use the data outside of Chintaro as you wish: