The Property Notes section in Chintaro is used as a historical record of the what happened within your Properties. Property Notes are notes just about the Property, and not about the Client or the Tenancy. 

Notes can be entered manually and performing some functions in Chintaro will add notes automatically.

To add a new note to a Property, you must go in to the Property Screen. From the Home Screen, click Properties, then click Manage Properties and double click on the Property you want to add the note for.

Click the  button in the Notes section to add a new note:


An empty Property Note pop up will appear:

  • Note Date: Will default to today’s date.
  • Note Type: Is a drop down list where you can group your notes in to categories (EG Maintenance, Inspection, etc.) You will be able to filter and sort Notes by the Note Type. The Note Type drop down list is customisable by your System Administrator.
  • Note Title: Add a short description of the Note.
  • Note Body: Add the full description of the Note in the Note Body.

NOTE: For a new line in the Note Body, you must hold down <CRTL> + K. Simply pressing <ENTER> will move the cursor to the next field.  

  • Related Links: Is used to add Related Links on your network to specific Notes (Hold down <CTRL> + K to add new Link).
  • Time Spent in Minutes: Is used to record how much time is spent on a task. Enter in Minutes.

When you have finished entering the Note information, click the Add button to save the Note. Notes will appear in the Notes Section of the Property record in descending date order.

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