Room Status Change

The Room Status needs to be changed in Chintaro on the Room Details screen when a Room that was untenantable is available to be tenanted again.

Changing a Vacant Untenantable Room to a Vacant Tenantable Room

To change the Room Status in a Property you must go in to the Property Screen. From the Home Screen, click Properties, then click Manage Properties and double click on the row of the Property you want to change the Room Status for.  

Double click on the row of the Room that you want to change the Room Status for.

The Room details pop up will open:

Enter the date the Room will be available to have a Tenancy again in the Until field end the reason in the Because field

Click the Restore This Room to Vacant Tenantable button:

See Restored to Vacant Tenantable pop up> click OK

The Room is now restored back to Vacant Tenantable and is able to have a Tenancy.


Vacant Rooms and Vacant Untenantable Rooms eLearning Video