Bulk SMS

Chintaro has the functionality to be able to send an SMS in bulk to several or all of your Clients. To use this functionality, you must have an account set up with a 3rd party telecommunications provider. For more information on Setting Up SMS Functionality, please click this link.

Creating a bulk SMS for Clients

To send an SMS in bulk to your Clients, from the Home Screen, click Clients, then click Client SMS and the SMS Clients screen will open:

Begin by sorting and/or filtering the screen so that it displays only the Clients you want to send the email to (EG by Property, Primary Tenant, Tags, etc). For more information on sorting and filtering columns in Chintaro screens, click this link.

Then, enter the message you want to send your Clients in the Message field. As you begin to type, you'll see the number of characters left decrease - 160 characters is a limit set by the telecommunications companies. 

The Sender field can be updated by your System Administrator in System Maintenance> Preferences> SMS and should be your organisation's acronym.

You have the option to choose to Create a Client Note to add to each Client screen to record a note that the SMS was sent, and if you choose to add a note, enter a brief description in the Note Title section.

When you're ready to send the SMS, select who you would like to send it to, by clicking either Select ALL, Select NONE to remove the ticks in the Include boxes, or individually select which Clients to include by ticking their Include boxes on the left hand side of the screen.

Once you have selected your Clients, click the  button and Chintaro will advise you that the SMS’s have successfully/ unsuccessfully sent and client Notes will be created if you selected the Create Client Notebox to be ticked.

Client Bulk Communication eLearning Video