To send a bulk Email to Clients, from the Home Screen, click the Clients, then click the Client Email function from the Client’s Sub-Menu.

Select any attachments you want to attach to the Email by clicking the  button(s). You can add up to 4 attachments to the Email.

Type the subject of the Email in the Subject field, and the contents of the Email in the Message field.

Hold down <CRTL> + K for a new line in the message field.

Tick the  box if you would like a Note to be created with the contents of the Email, for the selected Clients. Enter a Note Title that will be appear in the Notes section of the Client Record. 

Filter the list of Clients you want to contact (EG by Property, Primary Tenant, Tags, etc.) 

Once you have a filtered list, or if you want to contact all Clients, click the  button. Alternatively, individually select the Clients you want to contact by ticking each individual Include box in the Include column. Click the  box to untick all selected Include boxes. 

When you are ready to send the Email, click the  button. The Email you send will go out through your desktop Email system.

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