The SMS button on the Client screen can be used to send a single SMS to your Client. The mobile number that is recorded on the Client record will automatically default to the mobile number in the SMS function, however this can be overwritten if required.

NOTE: You are limited to a maximum of 160 characters per SMS which is a limit set by Telecommunications Providers.

Sending an SMS to one Client
To send a Client an SMS, open the Client screen and click the  button in the Client screen functions at the top of the screen.

The SMS Client pop up box will appear:

Create Client Note?: Ticking this box will automatically record a Client Note with the contents of the SMS. The Create Client Note box can set to ticked as a default via the Create Client Note preference, in System Maintenance> Preferences> Tenancies Rent> Create Client Note.

Mobile Number: Will default from the Client Record. The mobile number can be overwritten in this field if you do not want to send the SMS to the Mobile Number listed in Chintaro.

Note Title: The title of the note which will appear in the Client Notes Note Title section.

Message: The text you want to send your Client in to the Message field. 

Sender: Is who the SMS will appear from when the Client receives it. This will usually be your Organisation’s name and is limited by the telecommunication providers to 11 characters. The default for the Sender Name can be set in System Maintenance> Preferences> SMS.

When you are ready, click  .When clicking Send SMS, a pop up box will advise you that the SMS was successfully sent, and a Client Note was created if you had the Create Client Note box selected. 

I'm getting an error message when trying to send an SMS

If you are trying to send an SMS through Chintaro and you get an error message, it is probably because your SMS account is not set up correctly. You will need to set up an account with a Third Party SMS Provider to use the SMS functionality in Chintaro. MDB Consulting are not a Third Party SMS Provider.

SMS Providers that are compatible with Chintaro are as follows:

SMS Broadcast
Direct SMS
Burst SMS
Telstra Integrated Messaging
My Net Fone
Message Media
Bulletin Messenger

If you require further information on setting up an SMS account with any of the above providers, please contact

Client SMS eLearning Video

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