Notes that have been made in error and transferred to the Client Notes Buffer can be viewed at any time by your System Administrator. Chintaro doesn’t allow for any Notes to be deleted completely from the system, and will store all of the transferred Notes in the Client Notes Buffer.

Viewing what Notes have been sent to the Client Notes Buffer Account

To view the Client Notes Buffer, from the Home Screen, click Audit and then click View Client Notes Buffer. The Client Notes Buffer screen will open:

The Last Updated By column shows you which Chintaro User sent the Note to the Buffer Account. 

If you would like to Print and Export the Client Notes Buffer data to use outside of Chintaro, click the corresponding button you require from the screen functions at the top of the screen:

Transferring a Note from the Buffer Account back to the Client Screen

Once a note has been transferred to the Buffer Account, it can't be transferred back to the Client's screen. You will need to copy the details of the note by copying and pasting and entering them back in to the Client screen manually.

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