If a staff member leaves your Organisation, you will want to re-assign the Action Tasks allocated to that Chintaro user to another Chintaro user.

From the Home Screen> Clients> Client Notes. This will open the Manage Client Notes screen. Filter the  column to the Chintaro User you will transfer the Action Notes from, by deselecting All and selecting their Chintaro username:

 Select the Chintaro user you want to reassign the Action Notes to, from the  drop down list.


Once you have filtered the screen and selected the Chintaro user who will take responsibility for the Action Notes, click Re-Assign Officer

Chintaro will warn you that you are about to update the Client Notes; press Yes to Update, or No to Cancel.

Clicking Yes will reassign the Action Notes to the selected Chintaro user, where they will be able to view the Action Notes assigned to them on the Control Panel of their Home Screen. 

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