The Related Links section allows you to add a hyperlink to a Client screen so that you can access important folders and documents quickly. 

Chintaro doesn’t store documents, files or photos in the database itself but the Related Links section can link these if they are stored somewhere on your network:

NOTE: The file or folder you would like to link to must be on your network. If you link to something on your C Drive or Desktop, no-one else will be able to open it.

You can add as many related links as required.

Adding a Related Link to a Client Screen

To add a related link to a Client Record, press the  button. The Related Links pop up will appear. Enter the name of the file/folder in the Link Name box, and <TAB> to the Link File/Folder section. 

From here, click either FILE or FOLDER depending what it is that you would like to link.

Press  to save the Related Link. Click on the hyperlink to open the file/folder you have linked.

Removing a Related Link from a Client Screen

To remove a Related Link from a Client Record, click the box on the left hand side the Link Name to highlight the row:

Press the <DELETE> key on your keyboard:

Press Yes to delete the link. 

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