New Tags and Alerts can easily be added to the system, and existing Tags and Alerts can also be removed easily. To add or remove Tags and Alerts from the system, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance and then click Reference Tables.

Select the Reference Table from the list on the left hand side of the screen: 

  1.  Tags to add and remove Client tags, or
  2.  Alerts (Client) to add or remove Client Alerts

To add a new Alert, click in the white box in the Alert column and type the Alert you would like to add. Ensure the Active box is ticked, and when you exit the Reference Tables screen, the Alert will be saved. 

The process for adding Tags is the same as Alerts, although you select Tags in the Reference Table on the left instead of Alerts (Client).

To remove an Alert or Tag from the System, untick the Active box for the Alert or Tag you wish to remove. When the Active box is unticked, the Alert or Tag will no longer be able to be selected from the Alert or Tags section on the Client or Tenancy record. You can always make it active again, by ticking the Active box. 

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