The Support Agencies section of the Client screen enables you to add details of Support Agencies who are providing support to your Client. Adding Support Agencies on the Client record serves as a quick reference to contact the Client’s Support Workers.

Adding a Support Agency to a Client's screen

To add a new Support Agency to a Client Screen (Home Screen> Clients> Manage Clients> open Client Screen), click the  button.

Select the Support Agency assisting your Client from the Support Agency drop down list. If the Support Agency you include is not in the list, type the name of the agency over the Support Agency drop down field: 

NOTE: This is one of the few times you can type over a drop down field in Chintaro without having to go in to System Maintenance> Reference Tables.

Click elsewhere on the screen, and Chintaro will advise you the agency is not in the list. Click OK to add the agency, or Cancel to not save. 

If you do want to add the agency, click OK, and enter the details of the Support Agency contact person. Once entered, these values will be a default and can be overwritten later.

Click Update to save the Support Agency and Default Contact information.

You will be taken to the previous pop-up box where you can add any additional comments if required (EG Providing Counselling).

Removing a Support Agency from a Client's screen

Each individual Support Agency has a tick box for Active Agency?:

If an Agency no longer supports your Client, double click on the Agency name from the Client screen to open the Support Agency pop up, untick the Active Agency box and press Update. This will remove the agency from the Client's screen. 

If you accidentally remove a Support Agency from a Client Screen

If you accidentally remove a Support Agency from a Client's screen, you can readd the Agency by clicking the 'Add Agency' button. 

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