In Chintaro, Clients are all the people that you deal with. Clients are people who are currently Tenants, and Clients are also people who are not currently tenanted, but have applied to be a Tenant. Clients are people who are related to Tenants (EG children of Clients), or people that have been tenanted with your Organisation in the past. 

Every person you deal with should have their own individual Client record in Chintaro.

Accessing the Client Functions

From the Home Screen, to access the Client Functions Sub-Menu click on Clients from the Main Menu:

Accessing the Client Search Screen

Clicking Manage Clients from the Client Sub Menu will open the Client Search Screen (Click the following link to see the Solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro):


The Client Search Screen can be accessed via the Clients Menu > Manage Clients (as above), or by clicking the  quick link in the Toolbar.


Once in the Client Search Screen, to add a new Client, click the  button in the screen functions. Click here to view the next Solution for How to Add a New Client