The process for getting help from Chintaro Support is as follows:

1. Check the Chintaro Knowledge Base for the answer to your question

2. If you have not found the appropriate answer to your question in the Knowledge Base, raise a ticket with Chintaro Support

3. If your issue is urgent, call Chintaro Support

Details on how to get help from Chintaro Support are described below.

Check the Chintaro Knowledge Base for the answer to your question

We have an online Knowledge Base that includes hundreds of articles about how to use Chintaro screens, how to solve common problems, what to do if you are getting an error message and more. 

If you are in Chintaro, you can access the Knowledge Base from clicking the User Manual button in the Toolbar:

Or by opening the Support page on the Home Screen and clicking the 'Click here to go to the Chintaro Knowledge Base':

If you are on the SQL version login screen, click the 'To get support, click here' button to be taken to the Chintaro Knowledge Base. 

If you are not in Chintaro, click here to be taken to the Chintaro Support Knowledge Base Home Page:

The Chintaro Knowledge Base (where you are now) is made up of Solutions within categories to help you with how to use all the functions within the system. There are a number of ways to access Solutions including the 'How can we help you today' section, which is designed for you to type key words or phrases about what you would like to find.  In this example, to find the Solution about adding a new Client to Chintaro, we have typed 'client' in this section:

When you click on the Solution you wish to view, the page will display the information you're after:

You can also search the Solutions by going to the How to Use Chintaro section, clicking on a category and scrolling through the Solutions related to the category:

To raise a ticket with Chintaro Support

If you are having a problem with Chintaro, we request that you send an email to with a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot of the screen you were using. 

A detailed description includes:

  • What you were doing when the problem happened (EG: What screen you were on, which button you clicked, etc)
  • How many people are affected by the problem
  • A screenshot of the screen that you were on when you got the problem
  • What version of Chintaro you are using (Version number is found on the Home Screen, next to the word 'CHINTARO':

Click the following link to see How to take a screenshot to send to Support. The Chintaro Support Inbox is constantly monitored during office hours (08:00-17:00 Monday – Friday AEST/AEDT), and your request for assistance will be attended to in order of urgency. 

The Chintaro Online Training Portal

To further increase your knowledge about how to use Chintaro, you may wish to self-register for the Online Training Portal. The Online Training provided is free for all users and can be accessed from clicking the Training section of the Home Screen:

The Chintaro Quick Start Basics course is a great place to start and is designed to provide new or inexperienced Chintaro users with the knowledge they will need to get started with the system. The course runs for approximately 2 hours and covers the main screens and functions in Chintaro.


Role-specific courses will become available once you have completed the Quick Start Basics Course. Click here to self register for the Online Training Portal or go to