For technical problems in Chintaro: if Chintaro will not open

From time to time, your RHMDAT.mdb or RHMREF.mdb file may become corrupted. RHMDAT.mdb is the main data file in Chintaro, and RHMREF.mdb contains all of the reference tables. You will know that the file is corrupt when you get an “Unrecognised Database Format” error when opening Chintaro. 

You can set up a shortcut to repair RHMDAT.mdb as follows:

  1.  Create a copy of your Chintaro shortcut by right clicking and select ‘Copy’, and paste the shortcut on your desktop. Rename the shortcut CHINTARO Repair

  2.  Right mouse click on CHINTARO Repair and select Properties.

  3.  You will see the Target field.  It will have something like this in it:

  4.  Replace what is in the target line with the following:

    "x:\chintaro\data\rhmdat.mdb" /wrkgrp "x:\chintaro\data\rhp.mdw" /repair

    (NOTE: The Server in the above may be a mapped drive letter or your server name. You will need to replace the X in the target line with the letter that is after /wrkgrp).

    Ensure all other users are off the system.

  5.  Click the new shortcut and use your normal log in details. It won't appear to be doing much, but at the bottom of the screen you'll see that it is repairing and compacting:

  6. It may take some time (or it may be very quick!) but when finished, the database will close. Log back in to Chintaro and the database should be repaired.

 If you have run a Repair and Compact and Chintaro will still not open

Please call the Chintaro Support Help Desk immediately on 03 9111 2656 within Australia, or 09 888 9296 from New Zealand. The Support Help Desk is available during office hours (08:30-17:30 Monday – Friday AEST), except on Public Holidays in Melbourne. 

If you cannot get through to Chintaro Support, please leave a voicemail message or raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by sending an email with a screenshot to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

To raise a ticket with Chintaro Support

If you are having a problem with Chintaro, we request that you send an email to with a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot of the screen you were using. 

A detailed description includes:

  • What you were doing when the problem happened (EG: What screen you were on, which button you clicked, etc)
  • How many people are affected by the problem
  • What version of Chintaro you are using (Version number is found on the Home Screen, next to the word 'CHINTARO':

Click the following link to see How to take a screenshot to send to Support. The Chintaro Support Inbox is constantly monitored during office hours (08:30-17:30 Monday – Friday AEST), and your request for assistance will be attended to in order of urgency. 

For assistance with the general use of Chintaro

Chintaro has 2 online portals for assistance with the general use of the system: The Support Portal and the Online Training Portal

Chintaro Support Portal

The Chintaro Support Portal (where you are now) is where to go if you need to find an answer to how to use Chintaro. This is your Online User Manual, in the form of a comprehensive Knowledge Base. This Knowledge Base is made up of Solutions within categories to help you with how to use all functions within the system.There are a number of ways to access Solutions:

The 'How can we help you today' section:
This section is designed for you to type key words or phrases about what you would like to find. 

EG Add new client brings up all of the Solutions relating to adding Clients:

Click on the Solution you wish to view:

You can also search the articles by going to the How to Use Chintaro section, clicking on a category and scrolling through the Solutions related to the category:

Chintaro Online Training Portal

Chintaro provides all of our users with free online training via the Chintaro Online Training Portal. The Chintaro Quick Start Basics course is a great place to start, and is designed to provide new or inexperienced Chintaro users with the knowledge they will need to get started with the system. The course runs for approximately 2 hours, and covers the main screens and functions in Chintaro.


Role specific courses will become available once you have completed the Quick Start Basics Course. Click here to self register for the Online Training Portal or go to

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