There is a Preference that the Chintaro System Administrator is able to turn on to delete bank transactions. 

From the Home Screen> System Maintenance> Preferences> Finance> Delete Bank Transactions = Yes:


If this is set to 'Yes', you will be able to delete bank transactions. Note: Check the 'Close Period' is open for the date the transaction is to be deleted from. 


Then go to the Home screen> Finance> Bank Functions> View Bank Account (2 Line) screen (this will not work on the 1 line screen), and find the transaction you wish to delete.

Click on the row of the transaction so an arrow appears on that row, and click the Delete button on your keyboard. 


You will get a message saying 'You are about to delete 1 record'. Click OK.

The transaction will now be deleted out of the bank account. 

Go back to System Maintenance> Preferences> Finance> Allow Transaction Edit and turn it back to 'No', and check the Close Period if you wish to re-lock it prior to a certain date again.