If you are new to Chintaro you will only see Active (current) Tenancies in your system, but you may also have vacated Tenants who have agreed to pay back their arrears.

The steps to adding the Vacated Tenant with arrears is as follows:

1. Add a new Room for the Property the Tenant was in

2. Create a Tenancy record for Client in to the new Room

3. Add the arrears amount to this record
4. Vacate the Tenant 

5. Inactivate the new Room.

This solution will explain how to set up a Vacated Tenancy in Chintaro to allow payments of arrears to be entered against a Vacated Tenancy.

Click on the Property button in the toolbar, and double click on the Property the Tenant was in. This will open the Property Record. In this example, the Property Danforth 34 has 4 Medium Rooms, 3 are Occupied and 1 is Vacant Tenantable.


Add a new Room to the Property by clicking Add Room:

When the Room Details pop up appears, all you are required to enter is a Type. Do not enter any other information, as it is not needed. 

Click Update

The new Room will now show on the Property Record:

Click on the Client button in the Toolbar and search for the Vacated Client. Double click on their name to open their record, or click Add Client to add them if they are not in the system.

When the Client record opens, click Create Tenancy:

An empty Tenancy screen will open. Click Select Room and find the Room you just added to the Property.

NOTE: Do not enter a rent record for the room. The Edit Rent section will say No Latest Rent Record. 

Enter the Tenancy Start Date (if known). If you do not know the Tenancy Start Date, leave this as today's date.

Click Activate.

Double click on the Opening Balance, and send the transaction to the Buffer account:

Click Enter Transaction and enter the arrears amount the Tenant owes you as a DR RENT ADJ (Debit Rent Adjustment):

Click Add. The arrears amount will now show on the Tenancy Transactions ledger:

Vacate the Tenancy by clicking Vacate. Click Yes to the message asking you if you would like to continue with Vacating the Tenant in arrears.

Enter the Tenancy End Date as the same date as the Tenancy Start Date. Ensure you leave the Room in a Vacant Tenantable state (Vacant Tenantable box is ticked). Click Vacate.

Once you have vacated the Tenant, click the Property button in the Toolbar, and find the Property from your list. Double click on the Property to open the Property record. 

Double click on the Room you created earlier to open the Room Details record:

Untick the Active? box in the Room Details pop up. Making this Room inactive means it will not show in any of your reporting for Occupancy/Vacancy reports.

You will now be able to allocate transactions to a vacated Tenancy.