Chintaro does not produce Aged Debtor reports like Accounts Receivable systems as it does not match payments against specific charges. 

Chintaro records charges and payments against a Tenancy and so can tell you how much is owed by each Tenant at any time.  It cannot tell you which charges remain unpaid.

You can tell how many days the outstanding Rent debt represents - Chintaro shows that figure in days on the Tenancy Balances and Arrears screens, and also on Arrears and other reports.  This is calculated by dividing the Outstanding amount by the daily rent rate.

The Tenancy Balances screen can be run "As At" any date so you can see what the tenancy balances were at any specific date.

If you are analysing debt, you might wish to look at the Tenancy Balances Trend exports which produce spreadsheets showing the declining or increasing rent balances for all tenancies.